Entry #1

Kinda Busy Lately

2010-08-20 21:26:26 by metaknight135

Recently got my first job,working on an animation series,working on a madness day '10 movie, and starting a new animation series within a few weeks, so im trying to brainstorm some idea's!


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2010-09-02 09:25:45

are you really 80 years old???
sorry but that age seems kind of fake for a video game lover.
i have nothing against you i just was wondering.

on a another note how's the flash going?


2010-09-14 09:53:40

jeez you don't have to take it so hard to not answer,
i was just curious that's all.

so how's the madness flash going?

metaknight135 responds:

im actually 15 lol. sorry i didnt respond. ive been busy as said. and its going rather slowly.


2010-09-19 23:04:29

i know it's going slowly but do you think you'll be able to make it by madness day?
i'm not rushing you i'm just asking.

metaknight135 responds:

haha absolutely not. I have a lot more to do. I've just been so busy with school lately.


2010-09-22 21:25:47

Even though you couldn't get this out in time for madness day, I expect you to still work on it and put it out soon.

metaknight135 responds:

is that a threat? it sounds like your saying "i expect it out soon or else"


2010-09-25 12:29:51

Maybe it's a threat XD
Nah, I just want you to keep at it instead of putting it off till next madness day. Do what you can and put it out when you can, just don't forget about it.
And next time, just start working on it sooner =D


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